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Performance & Goals Management

Anticipate and plan for staffing changes and assure the readiness of employee talent at all levels. Align learning activities with competency gaps to arm your workforce for current and future needs. Improve motivation with continuous development and career planning.

Key Functionalities

Have the right people in the right roles today and in the future

Create a workforce that’s highly involved and develop a strong talent pipeline. , Recognize employee capabilities and skill levels , Search hidden talent with company-wide talent searches , Measure the risk and influence of key talent loss , Identify top (and bottom) performers precisely

Develop employees to keep them engaged and help them grow

Assists employees to enhance their skill set and boost their career with ongoing employee development. , Engage in frequent dialogue and provide employees with ongoing feedback , Accelerate employee development with intelligent mentoring programs and leadership development plans , Empower employees to proactively explore career paths, assess readiness, and address gaps.

Drive better business outcomes

Optimise succession planning and leverage other talent management processes. ,Link employee development initiatives with performance-related goals ,Close talent gaps with career paths that link to learning activities , Inform recruiting plans and proactively identify potential open roles , Measure the effectiveness of your succession planning strategy problems.

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Succession Planning and Leadership Development

  • Activities and achievement tracking
  • Continuous coaching and feedback
  • Insight into the frequency and quality of one-on-one meetings
  • Org chart for succession planning
  • Talent search
  • Talent pools
  • Presentations

Employee and Career Development Planning
  • Continuous employee development
  • Mentoring
  • Career worksheet

Talent Reviews and Calibration Tools

  • Dynamic drag-and-drop calibration tools
  • Photo-less calibration tools
  • Analytics and reporting
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