SAVIC "neTra" provides transparency in business processes is the reason of our package named as “neTra”

This solution will help to get a real-time view of your financial situation, streamline core accounting processes and better manage cash-flow. “neTra” can get you a fast start with a clearly defined scope which will activate additional functionalities to manage processes such as Financials, Customer Relationships, Human Resources, Procurement and Supply Chain

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When considering SAVIC NeTra as a solution, there are several key components that you should pay attention to. Here are some important factors and reasons to choose SAVIC NeTra

0 Financial statement generation
0 Lower Expense
0 reduction in manual process
0 less manual effort

Admin ERP Solution Scope

  • Account Management
  • Analysis for Account and Activity Management
  • Activity Management
  • Communication for Account and Activity Management
  • Sell Standard Products
  • Sell Services
  • Quotes
  • Communication for New Business
  • Analysis for New Business
  • Sales Order
  • Customer Contract

Project Duration

Starting from

Implementation Cost 12 Lakhs INR

License Cost 12.5 Lakhs

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SAVIC Implementation Methodology

Phase Wise Deliverable for Business Suite & On-Premise – Agile & Waterfall

SAP Activate is an implementation methodology used in SAP S/4HANA and unique combination of 3 core pillars, SAP Guided configuration, SAP Best Practices & Methodology. It is the quickest way till date, to simplify and streamline your SAVIC can operations with SAP S/4HANA.This methodology enables customers to build smart, run and start faster in their respective landscape.

SAVIC Differentiators

  • Ability to demonstrate outcomes from its client engagements
  • Next-generation product & platform engineering
  • Enterprise digital transformation
  • Local Skills factory providing elasticity of skill expansion at a low turnaround time.
  • SAVIC is part of United VARs is the leading alliance of SAP solution providers for the mid-market. Certified with the highest SAP Status as Platinum Partner.

    • Continuous innovation
    • SAVIC has a thoughtfully aligned approach based on Customer digital vision and stratergic requirements
    • Highly experienced & right sized team across Rise with SAP S/4 HANA and surrounding Applications

  • Experienced leadership
  • Deep expertise in SAP solutions combined with industry expertise.
  • Customer first is our mantra.
  • Highly experienced & right sized team across Rise with SAP S/4 HANA and surrounding Applications

  • Strong PMO to ensure quality, ensuring stakeholder commitment, managing risks
  • Support Customer with End-to-End Change management, Program management, Governance and Consulting skills to ensure the success of this project


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With SAVIC your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We have selected the top reasons to choose SAVIC. Check below:

Speed Performance

DIGITAL UPBRINGINGFlexibility & Agility

Ability to demonstrate outcomes from digital transformation service experience

Solid and tested base

ACCELERATEDGrowth Business Fluidity

SAVIC has a thoughtfully aligned approach based on customer digital vision and stratergic requirements

Top designs created by usability specialists

DOMAINExpertise Customer Centricity

Deep expertise in SAP Industry solutions combined with industry best practice expertise

The best customer experience

PEOPLEFocused Culture Customer Experience

Strong PMO to ensure quality,ensuring stakeholder commitment,managing risks

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