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GST is biggest reform to tax structure in India .GST enable all businesses in India with tremendous opportunity to reduce costs and improve profitability SAVIC GST solution not just help businesses get compliant with the new law, but also ensure that businesses benefit from the GST vision.

GST Reform – A Transformational Opportunity for Businesses in India

Goods & Service Tax

  • The GST bill is the biggest reform to tax structure that India has ever witnessed.
  • GST increased transparency, which will enable wide compliance and ultimately in single market
  • GST will lead to increased simplification of the tax levy and administration

SAVIC SAP Solution to support GST Journey

  • Upgrade of SAP minimum SP level for your EHP release to smooth implementation of the GST solution
  • Move from formula based tax procedure to the condition based tax procedure tax INN
  • Earmarking of Z development , smart form , enhancement in your system relevant to GST changes
  • GST roll-out simplified approach to GST compliant.
  • SAVIC ensure Zero Disruption while GST transition
  • GST Solution Implementation as per SAP release


  • SAVIC Qualified SAP Partner help playing role in the transition and enablement of the new taxation regime
  • Built up capability to stabilize changes in your tax related process in next 1 -2 years, because of GST
  • SAVIC will enable your business to achieve greater profitability through digital transformation.
  • Dedicated GST COE partnered with SAP & Industry experts
  • Expert consultants with more than 20 years of experience
  • On demand Tax Consultant service through Partner Tax Auditing firm

Lets Work Together

We have a team of dedicated GST specialists who have substantial experience. With the wealth of experience gained, we are well placed to provide you with practical guidance on your GST matters.

SAVIC, “The Perfect Partner” you can rely on

So we proudly say that, We SAVIC are not only your Vendors, but SAVIC are Partner for your Success