Enriches Experience with Qualtrics

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Enriches Experience with Qualtrics

Qualtrics Experience Management is the only software platform that assists brands persistently analyze the quality of their core experiences and with Qualtrics XM, businesses can be at each significant touchpoint, for every experience, and forecast which changes will resound most with stakeholders.

Qualtrics XMSolution

Faster experience insights with Better business results.

Our Solutions are professional-built tools for speed-up customer& employee experience, and market research. PhD-configured solutions combine recognized practices, smooth distribution, and homogenous reporting and dashboards, all personalized to your organizationsrequirements.

Key Capabilities

Drive The Experiences at an Accelerated Pace

Validated Content REALISATION

Professionalqueries, dashboards, and action plans come pre-built in this Solutions. Framed by the best researchers and practitioners. Succeeded in the real world to realize ROI for prominent brands.

Experience Excellence

This Solutions take you the whole way. From data collection to acting on visibility, it’s difficult to get off track as you measure, prioritise, progress—and repeat.

Ease of Use

Built with dynamic technology that can adapt to your enterprise’s specific requirements with drag-and-drop ease.

Continuous Improvement

Consistent updates from a powerful peer network to ensure your program is always on competitive advantage. Succeeded methods shared with every update from experience management professionals.

Guided Programs

Guided Programs in XM Solution assists toaccelerate customer and employee experience programs with pre-configured surveys, expert-validated procedures, and dashboards customized to your industry or specific business.

Automated Projects

Everyone can run strong, ROI-driven research with XM Solutions. From pricing, to customer NPS, to brand awareness studies, guided projects enablequickeroutcomes with wholly automated setup, streamlined distribution.


Turn customers into fanatics

With this module, you have the leverage of the ultimate listening engine, predictive intelligence and analytics, so you can enhance overall comprehension of your CX and act right that drives significant impressions.

Key Challenges in Customer Experience

  • Customer experience is not personalized leading to dissatisfied customers
  • Absence of single view of marketing performance leading to wasted marketing spend
  • Out of sync marketing planning resulting in missed market opportunities
  • Disconnected brand experiences across channels reducing conversion rates
  • Limited access to insights leading to reactive decision making
  • Compliance of increased data protection and regulations
  • Handling increases the number of audiences, channels, and offers
  • Fragmented Sales Interactions due to customer information scattered across systems
  • Inability to integrate data captured in the field with current IT infrastructure
  • Workforce resistance to new service initiatives

Key Capabilities


Go beyond measurement and act that will optimize real business value. Framed to be extensible and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action across the organisation.


Encounter your customers where they are and get real-time feedback in the vital moments. With wide-spread channels and data sources all captured into a unified platform, which gives you complete visibility of what customers are seeking.


Discover trends, patterns and important drivers of customer loyalty with iQ, our predictive intelligence engine. Get access to prescriptive visibility, which enables you to emphasize on the areas that will maximise impact.


It can automatically send suggested actions to the correct teams, in the tools they use, so they can take the steps that will enhance customer satisfaction, spend, and loyalty.


Turn employees into ambassadors

It allows uninterrupted response from all employee experience to take the correct actions to impact engagement, innovation, talent planning and productivity. It permits your company to take actions that focus on people first.

Mastering Challenges in Employee Experience

  • Tracking Every Employee
  • Lack of Automated Tools
  • Delayed On-boarding
  • Ineffective Training Assessments
  • Lack of Employee Engagement
  • Inefficient Feedback System

Why Qualtrics

Transform Experiences Across the Entire Lifecycle


Align managers and leaders with the visibility and guided actions required enhance employee engagement.


Answer to more frequent feedback and take action quickly to make improvements. Focus on vital topics and ensure your actions to increase engagement are making a difference.

EmployeeXM for IT

Empower employee visibility to improve and maximise technology experience and enhance productivity.

EmployeeXM 360

Improve your employees and inform your talent management processes with automated and customized multi-rater feedback.

Onboarding Optimisation

Get new hires up to speed quicker with better ramp times, productivity and early engagement.

Exit Diagnostics

Lessen attrition with an automated exit feedback system that assists you to comprehend the act that will allow you to retain best talent.

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    Million Users in 100+ countries
  • “Qualtrics allows us to continually reinforce the link between employee and customer experience.”

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