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Capture the real worth of cloud with SAVIC’s Harbour1® cloud Services

Move legacy applications and information to the cloud, utilizing an arrangement of SAVIC's Harbour1 cloud services

Harbour1® being a time tested and vigorous enterprise cloud platform, guarantees a profoundly productive and resilient environment for strategic SAP applications to run flawlessly. PI datacenter infrastructure and cloud tasks being certified by SAP, is a confirmation for high accessibility, bank- grade security, and being proactive regulatory compliant. This has empowered the enterprise customers to altogether improve the performance of their SAP workloads hosted on Harbour1®.

Meet the business challenges with rich experience of SAVIC’s Harbour1 cloud.

Highly expensive IT infrastructure

Dated remote access or virtualization systems, often originally installed as a point solution, do not provide the access needed.

Upgrading of all the depending systems becomes must

Legacy applications that will only run on older operating systems or web browsers can lock the organization into these old versions.

User experience is not satisfactory

Access to line of business systems often fails to meet user expectations and is not always user-friendly.

Additional administrative staff costs are high

On-premise systems were not designed to work over the internet, or on different devices, Hence, we have to have additional administrative staff which costs a lot.

Poor performance due to agility issues

It becomes difficult to maintain and manage SAP workloads as your needs evolve, you cannot make changes easily and replicate them in whichever part of your set-up that you require

Unable to meet fluctuating demand 

Performance issues often result in expensive communications links being implemented to deal with what may be only occasional spikes in use.

Service offerings with SAVIC

  • Infrastructure


    • The underlying architecture of Harbour1 ® completely eliminates vendor lock-in and provides scalability in every aspect without downtime
    • Compute nodes connected to multi-hypervisor environment
    • Software Defined Network (SDN) coupled with Network Function Virtualization (NFV) on high speed network (10G - 50G) backbone
    • State-of-the-art high-speed firewalls and intrusion prevention services, besides content security
    • SDN on EVPN VXLAN network fabric
    • Software Defined Storage (SDS) with auto-tiering and shadow replication
    • Storage with n+n redundant copies of data
    • Harbour1 ®  provides the facility to monitor the resource usage, like tracking expenses, monitoring performance, balancing network traffic, troubleshooting application issues and managing disaster recovery
    • Entire infrastructure management and resource deployment from single user-friendly web interface
    • Huge variety of predefined Windows and Linux OS templates
    • Option to create customized flavours
  • Storage


    • Scalability to hundreds of terabytes (TB) per storage volume
    • Customized replicated copies of customer's critical data
    • Consistent performance and throughput of data
    • Choose from Flash/SSD/SATA/SAS storage pools
    • API based access to object storage
    • n+n redundant data copies to ensure availability
    • Storage gateways connect to the underlying SDS in a secured manner
  • Backup


    • Solutions for heterogeneous environments i.e., physical infrastructure, virtual environments and VMs, with different hypervisors such as KVM, Hyper-V, ESXi, are available
    • Enterprise backup tools used, but not limited to, Trilio, Vembu and Commvault
    • Backups are deduplicated, compressed and encrypted in the backend to ensure maximum security of enterprises' data
    • Longtime retention (from 30 days to 7 years) of backup data
    • No storage constraints of backup data
    • Options for on-premises and off-premises data backup
  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    • Platform independent DR solutions
    • Customized and templated DR
    • High-end replication technologies
    • Flexible bandwidth
    • ISP of Choice
    • Online backup and restoration of databases like Oracle, DB2, MS SQL and Microsoft Exchange
    • DR with RTO and RPO for a primary site to near DR, in synchronization with far DR
  • Containers


    • CaaS handles container deployment and cluster management with container orchestration platforms such as Kubernets and Mesos
    • Containers can be deployed faster and can be scaled up without manual intervention, that can be further plugged into existing application environments seamlessly
    • The entire container infrastructure of Harbour1 ®  is self-healing with automated rollouts and rollbacks
    • Policy-based auto scaling and zero downtime to run any application updates
    • A self-service solution to provide hosted container service for cloud users, which can beeasily clustered with the help of Mesos and Kubernetes
    • Load balancing and service health monitoring

SAVIC with Harbour1 cloud brings together market-leading security, enterprise scalability and innovation for increased agility and business continuity

High Availability

The underlying end-to-end architecture of Harbour1 ®  rides on an integrated, highly available framework, thereby assuring 99.995% resource availability at the data center level

Protected by AI

Self-healing platform, infused with artificial intelligence, that tremendously helps in recovering and protecting the data before the occurrence of any disaster

Secure Environment

Built on a vulnerability-resistant platform, multi-level security features are embedded in the hardware processors along with IDS and IPS features at the edge network level


Leverage pre deployed IT resources, with inbuilt interchangeability, redeployable, interoperable, zero deboarding, giving 100% on demand elasticity to users

Automation and Orchestration

An application-aware infrastructure with APIs, assuring minimum user intervention, by optimizing manpower and improved delivery by strategically deploying resources

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  • TheHarbour1 cloud migration options provided by SAVIC, gave us more flexibility than regular replication when we migrated our existing database on cloud. This allowed us to dry run our migration process before the final cutover, to ensure everything worked as planned.

    by a leading company

Why SAVIC for Harbour1 cloud services?

Technology Value Add

Real time adjustment of CPU, RAM, Disk Space and other resources in a virtual machine based on the resource requirements of the Virtual machine running in the Cloud.

Innovative Solutions

Auto Scalable Cloud Technology, Pay per Consume Model, Data Centre Management Suite, Security Management Solution etc.

Trusted Security on Data Protection

A comprehensive set of compliance offerings help protect your data. Satisfy your security and privacy needs using a suite of cloud products and services.

Diminishes Overall Cost of Organization

Get the ability to bring your own SAP license which can reduce the capital expenses and monitor costs which optimizes the overall cost.


SAVIC has an experience of managing more than 20 customers along with ESDS on certified SAP S/4 HANA infrastructure.

Inclusive Service

Inclusive service approach in all offerings is the SAVIC's key strength. We offer customized solutions catering to specific needs of each client.

MaxCare Support Services

Keep your systems running at peak performance with SAVIC MAXsupport.

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