Infrastructure as a service

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Transform Your Infrastructure Services with SAVIC and NTT- Netmagic Alliance

Augment your Business Digital Infrastructure

NTT-Netmagic delivers a flexible and secured cloud platform for your business, collective strength of agility, performance and scalability for your organization with end-to-end visibility of system usage with robust security features following topnotch best practices setting Digital Innovation and Transformation trends, in association with SAVIC.

Mastering Implementation Challenges Faced by Businesses

Setting up a DC and Cost Consideration 

Challenges related to stability of the IT setup, extensibility, trustworthy and robustness were impacting the growth

24x7 monitoring and management

Recruiting skilled IT experts was difficult, retaining them was also quite challenging, and setting up a 24x7 monitoring and management team was a costly affair.

Heterogeneous Environments

Running a heterogeneous environment with servers and storage from various suppliers. Handling diverse products and synchronizing with several vendors is a big challenge for the IT team in any organization.

Performance issues due to fluctuating demand

Performance issues often result in expensive communications links being implemented to deal with what may be only occasional spikes in use.

Supportability issues due to multiple systems

Locally installed software, on multiple devices in multiple locations, is a major challenge for already stretched IT teams.

Highly expensive IT infrastructure

Dated remote access or virtualization systems, often originally installed as a point solution, do not provide the access needed.

Explore Your Growth Plan with SAVIC and NTT-Netmagic

SAP Certified Infrastructure and Services

We team SAVIC provide required solutions with the help of NTT-Netmagic Experts using SAP Infrastructure and Services.

Flexible Architecture through integration

Private Cloud is a genuine integrated Hybrid Cloud Design and is able to handle manifold services on a collective service bus along with flexible licensing alternatives such as VMWare, Microsoft etc.

Data Security & governance policies

Our solution assures a secured design approach to private cloud design considering enterprise data protection and governance guidelines.

High Performances Streamline Business Process

Solution builds on dedicated private clouds to run robust performance systems such as core banking, CRM, Big Data and Analytics applications.

All India Support

PAN India Support Capability, Proven BCP / DR mechanisms in practice at hundreds of customer’s sites throughout India, Single support mechanism across all carriers and devices.

Scalable & comprehensive series of data storage services

This solution offers extensive scalable, trustworthy and comprehensive range of data storage and backup solutions, structured to deliver best-in-class security to crucial organization’s assets with complete visibility of system usage.

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Indicators Evident for Aggressive Data Protection Approach


Customers of Netmagic


Data Centers


SimpliCloud Grids




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  • Migrating a large SAP environment from one facility to another while ensuring zero downtime was always going to be a significant challenge.
    Netmagic's project management team and engineers worked closely with us to ensure a smooth and seamless migration of the SAP systems and network elements that exceeded our expectations

    Mr. Kiran Kulkarni

    HEAD - IT

    ALF Engineering

Cloud Services

Management, Performance & Quickness

NTT-Netmagic is a VMware cloud verified partner, which ensures customers that we deliver services and solutions on advanced VMware Cloud Infrastructure services, with integration and interoperability, cost optimization and flexibility. With Cloud Verified partners like NTT- Netmagic, customers have access to the whole series of VMware Cloud Infrastructure functionalities along with access to high performance, protected cloud platform.

Carrier Neutral

Our 9 state-of-the-art data center amenities practices services from various Internet service providers. We thus ensure whole network redundancy resulting in high network availability for our customers.

Global Client

With a large customer-base world-wide, Netmagic has an ultimate experience of implementing and managing cloud services throughout various platforms and industries.

99% uptime SLA

Due to futuristic data centers, and disaster recovery services, we assure 99.99% server uptime SLA.

N+1 infrastructure

N+1 architecture provides abundant/backup for power supply, network, load balancers and multiple HVAC systems, crucial for business endurance.

No Lock-In Period

Get full independence with zero lock-in Public cloud plans. Netmagic cloud, enable you to configure and deploy your cloud, when you need but also dismiss the contract anytime you want.

Cloud Management Portal

Cloud Management Portal lets you configure, provision and handle your whole cloud platform at the click of a switch.

SimpliCloud (Public Cloud)

Enterprise Grade IaaS Cloud platform built on the latest virtualization technology

Built-up on the newest virtualization technology, SimpliCloud comes with a complete self- service portal and a widespread series of managed services. It facilitates your transition to the cloud, empowers you to handle your capacity requirement dynamically and adjust swiftly to fluctuating business needs.

Why SimpliCloud (Public Cloud)

  • Full freedom with our Zero lock-in plans
  • Configure, provision and handle your whole cloud platform at a      button click with our Cloud Management Portal
  • Vertical and Horizontal Scaling available throughout all plans
  • No high capex costs, pay per use model
  • Managed Private Cloud

    End-to-end managed services for your complete private cloud journey

    Customers who are seeking to an substitute to Public cloud, NTT-Netmagic also delivers a Private Cloud option that provides advantages like: End-to-End Control and Insights of the IT infrastructure via a web based console, a Protected and Compliant landscape that is totally aligned with organizational security and data governance policies and trustworthy end-to- end managed service with robust SLA

    Agile & Fast

    Private Cloud is a design driven Cloud service providing dedicated pool of compute and storage resources powered by SDN and empowered using a self-service portal

    Enhanced Performance with Low Cost

    Private Cloud is a method of computing emerging for empowering the distinct capabilities of a private cloud on a public cloud type of cost benefit

    Hybrid and integrated

    Private Cloud is a true integrated Hybrid Cloud design and is able to empower multiple services on a common service bus


    Your Cloud. Our Capabilities.

    Successful Businesses globally are adopting the multicloud model for greater control, scale and compliance while minimizing IT costs and creating greater flexibility in their IT strategy. However, effectively managing a multicloud ecosystem requires high insights throughout all infrastructure components, along with monitoring and governance of cloud services, vendors, users and workloads.


    User-friendly portals enable you to navigate, review, provision and configure all resources and events throughout your whole cloud infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS) and workloads.


    It’s monitoring allows you to auto-discover sub-optimal or under- utilized cloud resources throughout your multicloud landscape and makes it simple for you to overcome utilization obstacles.

    Unified Insights

     Use a unified dashboard for entire your multicloud data and analytics like infrastructure map, health status, resource usage, tickets, outstanding assets and services.

    Simplified Provisioning

    Empower our prevailing set of predetermined templates, your own VMs or snapshots to rapidly set up VMs on any cloud vendor. Also set up and handles virtual networks and virtual clouds.

    Automation & Orchestration

    As your cloud ecosystem grows and your organization requires transformation, Multi-Cloud Visibility assists you in facilitating the automation and orchestration of new cloud services.

    Multi-cloud Optimization

    Use Reliable Fixer to evaluate cost and utilization metrics, and view cloud health. Recognize irregularities and apply policies to solve security and governance loopholes.

    Simpli-Insight (Cloud Analytics)

    Actionable insights to monitor, analyze and optimize your cloud infrastructure

    With the deep insights offered by Simpli-Insight, organizations can recognize and remove redundant cloud assets and optimize utilization by keenly monitoring all active cloud assets. Simpli-Insight service powered by VMware CloudHealth, NTT-Netmagic provides a consistent and actionable view into cost and resource organization, security, and performance for applications throughout numerous cloud landscapes.

    Evaluate your cloud infrastructure

    Based on application, workload, landscape and more to comprehensive resource utilization and maximize performance. Filter down to every division and see how much each function or business unit is spending and utilizing resources.

    Improved insights to cost management

    By empowering custom dashboards, which gives insights into your cloud usage, cost and performance. Advanced analytics and reports to swiftly recognize opportunities to proactively minimize spend, reduce risks, and streamline configuration.

    Distinct Customized policies and work-flows

    That enable businesses to easily maintain and govern their cloud landscape by automatically monitoring and optimizing the workloads for cost, usage, performance, and security.

    SimpliMigrate: Migration-as-a-Service

    Simpler, Smarter and Faster Workload Migration

    Legacy processes for workload migration are quite cumbersome and include a noteworthy extent of manual tasks and multiple tools. SimpliMigrate can be used for an extensive variability of migration circumstances such as: migrating applications and data from traditional infrastructure to cloud landscape, shifting workloads throughout diverse cloud platforms (Netmagic, AWS, Azure) or infrastructure (public, private, virtual private).

    Why Migration-as-a-Service

  • Build a complete migration plan to maximize all workloads
         throughout the business
  • Reduces risk through a fully online and automated process.
         Minimum human intervention needed in tasks like shipping or
         rebuilding workloads
  • Build and standardize the migration process to fulfill every
         process and IT requirements throughout the business
  • Be in control of downtime and availability needs with Live
  • Speed-up the migration process with Multiple Concurrent
  • Streamlines go-live through end-to-end testing throughout
  • NTT-Netmagic Migration Approach: SimpliMigrate

    SimpliMigrate is a very easy, work-flow practiced method to application and data migration. It has 3 Phase methodology comprising workload analysis, configuration and roll-out.

    3 Steps of NTT-Netmagic Migration Methodology

    • Step 1: Workload Analysis

      NTT-Netmagic performs a comprehensive inventory analysis of numerous workloads, stakeholder requires and utilization trends throughout the business. The aftermath of this analysis is an optimum utilization plan. The utilization plan includes vital benchmarks for every workload such as:

      • Target goals, For Example, technology refresh, DR, enhanced availability, compliance needs
      • Workload characteristics – size, nature (transactional / static), complexity, security needs, SLAs
      • Application type – e.g. consumer portal, mobile app, analytics tools, collaboration platform, decision support dashboards, enterprise data warehouses
    • Step 2: Configuration

      After the assessment phase, defining the optimal set of infrastructure resources for each workload is required in this phase. In this phase, we would give certain advice for various kinds of workloads like re-host revise, custom build, or refactor and so on.

      • No requirement for shipping or recreating server workloads. Migration assist in reducing risk
      • Minimize downtime with Live Migrations
      • Rapid Go-live with Manifold Concurrent Migrations
      • Test Migrations prior Go-live
      • Professional skills & repeatable processes practiced for the entire process from inventory assessment, migration to reporting.
    • Step 3: Roll-out

      The advice migration services might be human-based (for cumbersome workloads) or digital automation based (for standard workloads). Standard workloads (automated migration) usually consist of most of the organization’s migration requirements.

      SimpliMigrate empowers PlateSpin by Micro Focus, for its automated migration service. The tool enables SimpliMigrate to automatically configure the server workload to operate on the target landscape, making driver, kernel and various important changes on the fly.

      With a driver database of over 55,000 hardware drivers, and the capability for you to include your own customized drivers, SimpliMigrate makes sure the wide range of hardware and platform support so you can perform migrations throughout a diverse infrastructure choice.

    MaxCare Support Services

    Keep your systems running at peak performance with SAVIC MAXsupport.

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