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SAVIC Gets You Unparalleled Advantage With FOCUS

Realize Digital Transformation Through FOCUS Cloud

Focus can be deployed on-premise and on cloud version. FOCUS ERP applications are wholly customizable and delivers you the unmatched user experience to handle all aspects of your organization. It is one of the finest and trustworthy ERP software providers in India, which assisted all sizes of business to optimize their full potential, across all major industries verticals.

Major Challenges encountered by Business Enterprises

  • Low visibility
  • Overworked employees
  • Unsecured backup
  • Lacks Project based costs and reports
  • Inappropriate Revenue Recognition
  • Improper Resource Utilization
  • Increase in competition and operating costs
  • Improper Managing procurement
Mastering the challenges

Improve outcomes through simplified processes

Inadequate Access To New Technology

SMEs have been subjected to weak marketing linkages due to excessive high cost and many ERP have only access to limited locations.

Absence Of Real-time Goods Tracking

Not having end-to-end Procurement Management processes tracking of inventory across different cities are difficult which creates unnecessary production and procuring delays.

Handling Data and creating a Back-Up Plan

SMEs find it difficult to store, handle, analyse, and transform data into insights for comprehensive decision making.

Lack Of Integration

Business processes like service delivery, accounting, and billing are not integrated together, isolated systems with lack of an integrated process flow.

Lacks Automation

Business processes are not fully automated with a lot of activities being done through manual interventions increases the chances of errors and forces the valuable man-power to get trapped in doing low-value tasks.

Poor Invoice Management

Process of Invoice Management and capturing Planned invoice is maintained through excels, leading to limited visibility, poor control and inaccuracy results in limited insight into financials.

FOCUS Raise the Bar of Your Business Performance with SAVIC

End to end visibility with Automation

Advance your enterprise with dominant ERP software, it provides a real-time visibility of the information and automates end-to-end fundamental business operations to eradicate manual errors.

Rapid Configuration with Customization

Industry-specific solutions with comprehensive pre-constructed capabilities reduces complications in customization and deployment, cloud-hosted platforms minimises the implementation cost and offers top level security of business data.

Proficient Industry Specific CRM Process

Its Cloud industry-specific capabilities, run aggressive marketing campaigns, offers effective leads and automates sales, marketing, & service to avoid data loss and errors caused by manual processes.

Hassle-free Management of Enterprise Talent

Automated human resource management software integrated with payroll, eradicate manual processes and minimizes errors and streamlining the management of timesheets and attendance.

Get Better Financial Management Visibility

Tracks and handles payment transactions to make sure every employee are compensated in time, it also monitors and handles all operational expenses which brings in hassle-free experience in the organisation.

Reporting helps to Get Better Business Insights

Reports generated through real-time data which helps to streamlined the business processes and define the allocation of resources in efficient manner.

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  • Focus Softnet has always been helpful in meeting our requirements There have been challenges on the way where either our requirements changed, or we needed something different. But Focus Softnet has always worked towards catering to our needs and we are quite satisfied with their solutions.

    By Leading Retail Industry in India

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