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Solution Overview

A Cloud based Digital Control Room Platform which provides Real-time 360 Degree visibility from new and existing systems to disruptively enhance customer, partner, employee & statutory experiences, thereby leading to increased profits, reduced wastage and loss across the Enterprise.

Enterprise-grade AI & Predictive Analytics offering that leverages advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques such as vision, semantics, language sequence to help customers across industries to derive insights from their various business models.


Enabling Digital Automations that enhance operational excellence, growth, performance, and business innovation

What SAVIC DriShti Digital Platform can Do

Enabling Digital Automations that enhance operational excellence, growth, performance, and business innovation in the areas of sales & marketing, operations & supply chain procurement, people & hiring, finance.

  • Customer Experience (Sales & Marketing)

      Re-align entire business approach to your customer ecosystem by bringing digital journey, data through analytics, well planned customer management and our platform implementation expertise to disruptively enhance your customer experience.

  • Partner Experience (Operations & Supply chain procurement) interactions

      Bring in power of digital transformation to reality and create an intelligent enterprise. SAVIC DriShti can help you create more integrated operations, ensure key assets running, create improved operational efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Employee Experience (People & Hiring)

      Today’s enterprises need to focus on the most valuable resources - its employees. SAVIC DriShti helps enterprises to leverage AI and automation in enhancing employee efficiencies in day to day operations, thus drive all HR initiative to realize immediate value. Working together, SAVIC can transform talent management into a continuous cross skilling & up skilling learning experience.

  • Statutory Experience (Finance)

      SAVIC DriShti can help you in leveraging the processes around people, policies and technology to digitally transform your finance functions and enable the next generation working models, which in turn ensure continuous business growth.

Digital Platform: 360 View

Digital Control Room

A single management Console for all tasks

Customer 360

Presents Unified View of entire Sales (Secondary Sales, E-commerce , Retail) & Operation process

Real time Monitoring of Asset

Users can take actions on IIoT Devices and Backend Applications

Worker Safety

Improve Workplace Safety

Digital Supply Chain

Integrates with internal and external data sources for real time Monitoring of moving assets

Predictive Analytics

Provides Analytics, Predictive(AI/ML) Capabilities and Actionable capabilities

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