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At SAVIC customer always comes first. SAVIC believed that every deliverable shall create value to customers

Customer delight happens when we amaze our customer by surpassing expectations. At the point when expectations are met, we shall have customer loyalty, and when expectations are surpassed, we accomplish customer delight.

Provide real time support

Offering real time support is the best way to truly delight our customers and ensure their loyalty — knowing that they can reach out to us using the channels that work for them, have their opinion heard out and hopefully see their feedback taken into work can only improve customer loyalty and reduce our churn statistics.

Deliver Customer Expectations

As each customer will have a different perception of what customer service means to them we provide good customer service, we know the needs of the customer and how to fulfil those needs. The expected level of service varies from marketplace to marketplace, industry to industry and, to some extent, from customer group to customer group.

Making our customers feel valued

Our customers feel valued, so they stay loyal to our business. Loyal customers also help us to get new customers by sharing our business to their friends and co-workers. They do free word of mouth marketing for us and as a result, our business grows. Therefore, we value our customers and make them feel special.

To Know our Customers Top Issues

Value is created through the development and improvement of processes, much like other things in our business. It’s also a subset of the culture and vision of our company. Our internal chain of operations, processes, sales, marketing, and customer service all contribute to the creation of value. So do our support operations such as HR and accounting.

Analyse customer feedback

Customer feedback is input relayed from our customers about their experience and satisfaction levels regarding our product or service. Customer feedback can come in from a variety of channels (email, social media), survey, SAVIC support desk .Customer feedback allows our business to learn directly from its customers; the information can then be used to enhance products, optimize sales funnels and improve the customer experience..

Listen to our customers

Listening to our customers is a great way for us to gather enough business-important information.After all, the best business decisions are based off data and not guesses. And customer feedback is one of the best ways to gather business-specific data that lets you understand how our customers really feel about the product or service we deliver. By using this feedback we guide our business and marketing decisions.

Personalize Interactions Across Channels and Touchpoints

Customer touchpoints are our brand’s points of customer contact, from start to finish. In SAVIC we capture real-time consumer insights, and then use them to bring true personalization to every interaction with our brand — all in an instant.

Passionate about Customers Success

We are passionate about customer success and it’s positive outcome—building relationships that last.We approach customer success by focusing on the bigger picture. No matter who the client is, our number one goal is to always make sure customers are empowered by using services and solutions.

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