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Mahesh Kadam
Published on October 30, 2020 Less than a 1 Minute read

5 Reasons to have your own Website


5 Reasons to have your own Website


Be Seen and Heard

People in the industry need to see the work you've done and this is chance to showcase your talent.

Stay ON TOP in Job Market

Who do you think will be chosen? A person vouching for abilities or person showcasing his abilities?( Though it may not be true in all job cases). Think which one is more innovative? A boring pdf or a creative portfolio website advertising your aptitude.

Build Credibility

You'll construct a presence in your industry and become known by others. The more individuals know about your contemplations and work the all the more willing they are to confide in you, along these lines, fabricating your validity in the network.

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Who we are?

SAVIC belongs to a team of technocrats qualified in SAP S/4HANA who draw their collective experience from hundred plus successful implementations globally in diverse industry verticals. SAVIC in value proposition represents the aggregate skill set of each team player, the pinnacle being 76 days go live with SAP best practices and 56 Days successful quick upgrade.

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