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“Secure, Flexible, Scalable And Designed To Deliver SAVIC SAP ES Cloud – Multi Tenant “

SAVIC’s cloud practice delivers the best of SAP S/4HANA Multi-Tenant Edition for every customer can get to just its own put away data, and the cloud supplier's mind-boggling set-up of authorizations and security keeps different clients from getting to this substance. Since a multi- tenant cloud design implies that similar servers are facilitating numerous clients, it is basic for “Public Cloud Client” to deliberately comprehend the presentation and security contributions of its cloud supplier.

Mastering The Challenges

Hybrid Integration Challenges

Integrating SaaS with your existing IT infrastructure can become the big challenge. Public Cloud Services bring a lot of advantages, failure to integrate SaaS tools with existing IT tools and software can negate its benefits.

Access challenges

When integrating SaaS tools, access control is a big challenge too. The access control and monitoring settings that are applicable in a traditional software are incompetent in carried forwarding to SaaS applications. Sometimes the admin is unaware of the fact as to who can and who cannot access the systems and data.

Cost of integration

Another vital factor for SaaS integration is cost. It is too expensive to integrate SaaS, and your IT team needs to be highly skilled too for the integration to be successful.

Cloud Scalability And Configurability

Helps raise and convey benefits rapidly to clients. Permits singular clients to arrange their own client store, backend administrations, and so on as required by the application. And available Close Support from SAP.

Time constraints

Maximum companies choosing for SaaS are generally in a hurry to get the application up and running. However, ‘time’ is another major challenge that companies wanting to switch over to SaaS have to face. Integrating SaaS with your traditional applications can be time taking, as a result of which your work may get delayed.

Faulty integration

If the integration is best-in-class, many hurdles can arise. You may realize your sales and accounting data is not in sync with your CRM, your users are uploading files and making changes in different systems, invoices are sent to wrong © 2020-2021 SAVIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved. 4 customers, your information is leaked, automatic information gathering is not so automatic.

Key Framework of Multi-Tenant Cloud Feature

Functionality Of SAVIC SAP ES Cloud

Multi-tenure implies that a single occurrence of the product and its supporting framework serves numerous clients. Every client shares the software application and offers a single database. Each inhabitant's information is confined and stays undetectable to different tenants.

Cost Saving Product With Multi Tenant Application

The cost savings increase as the number of customers served by the multitenant application increases. Due to sharing of underlying IT resources and operational costs across customers, the expense per client is lower because the resources are shared.

Maximizing the Resource Usage

Since all the assets are shared, multi-tenancies work at most extreme resource utilization, which makes for ideal productivity. The system is a continually moving condition where resources are as a rule all the while got to.

Expedient Maintenance, Updates, and Upgrades

The upkeep costs, particularly for refreshes, get shared by all the occupants as they utilize the code from a similar pool. This decreases the general expense of support for each tenant.

Cloud Scalability And Configurability

Helps raise and convey benefits rapidly to clients. Permits singular clients to arrange their own client store, backend administrations, and so on as required by the application. And available Close Support from SAP.

Ease Of Set Up And Onboarding

The multi-tenant environment is to a great extent the equivalent for every client, with some discretionary setups, making it simpler for multi-tenant SaaS organizations to consummate the onboarding procedure and upgrade it for convenience.

Optimize Business Architecture Design With SAVIC

The architecture of the multi-tenant application is created so that it makes it unquestionably more advantageous for the sellers to keep up the application. The modules can be designed effectively and make utilizing the application practical.

Substantial values associated by adopting SAP S/4HANA


Reduction in data footprint


Times faster reporting

10% - 15%

Reduction on order fulfilment

10% - 30%

Increase in on time delivery

10% - 20%

Increase in customer satisfaction


Lower supply chain planning cost

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud solutions made us future proof, digital, and mobile. SAP Preferred Success and SAVIC showed us how to use these cloud ERP to reinvent our Finance, Controlling, Sourcing and Project Processes.

    Mr. Manish Malik

    Gm IT

    RRPCL, Mumbai, India

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