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SAVIC SAP Ariba simplify procurement and supply chain processes which directs intelligent connection among your enterprise and your suppliers across the entire source-to-pay process. SAP Ariba is driving   swift which streamline collaboration with their trading partners, make smart business decisions, and extend their collaborative business processes with an open technology platform.

Mastering Challenges facing by Organizations

Ineffective Supply Chain Transparency

Ineffective visibility of supply chains is one of the vital challenge confront by the procurement department. Proper monitoring throughout the supply chain is necessary tool for fulfilling regulatory requirements and reducing risk.

Inefficient Risk Management

Another crucial obstacle in the procurement process is supply risk. Some of the big risks that follow along the supply chain which includes handling sole supplier contracts, market risks possible frauds, inflated costing, non-compliance of quality standards, delivery risks, maverick spend and so on.

Improper Control & Visibility Of Spending

Accidental orders, rush orders, purchases (from suppliers selling additional items) made outside the company`s established procurement procedures is indirect spend resulting in loss of revenue and control. It also creates complications in procurement strategy, department budgets, inventory management, and financial audits.

Non-Compliance to Contract

Another barrier in procurement is suppliers’ non-compliance to contract. As large organization might have so many different suppliers, it`s problematic to ensure whether the suppliers are meeting their obligations or not.

Lacks Automation

Business processes are not fully automated with a lot of activities being done through manual interventions increases the chances of errors and forces the valuable man-power to get trapped in doing low-value tasks.

Why you required SAP Ariba

Streamline procurement and sourcing process with rapid and easy integration with other ERP software which boosts supplier, buyers and UX by linking in a digital transformation to the supply chain process.

Optimize Supplier Management In The Cloud With Ariba Network

SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP) is the cloud solution to optimize supplier management.

Continuous Testing For Sustainable Safety

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk, refined and endless risk assessments can be linked into the procurement processes through user-friendly risk views and warning signal for all suppliers, which can be defined personally for each relationship.

Fulfill Procurement Needs In Long-run

SAP Ariba Sourcing is a suitable solution for tenders and auctions in planned purchasing. It supports the search for the right supplier, the diminishing of procurement cycles and the negotiation of market-conform agreements with corresponding savings.

Full Transparency In Contract Management

SAP Ariba Contract Management delivers great see-through in contract management and makes a clear blueprint of all processes throughout the complete contract lifecycle.

Recognize And Prioritize Capabilities For Savings

SAP Ariba processes are helpful for reporting purpose, the managerial energy is minimized. The handling of the SAP HANA database is connected in SAP Ariba.

Improve Supplier Collaboration & Clarity Throughout The Supply Chain

SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration intensify more processes for direct materials. The solution delivers secure and simple supplier association and ensure complete clarity throughout the supply chain.

Extract The Values Which Can Transform Business With SAP Ariba

Deeper Engagement & Adoption

Enable users to interact with the system in their common language through conversational interfaces such as a digital assistant, improve the user experience & make solutions more comprehensive.

Improve Decision Making with SAP Ariba

Get richer and wider sets of information, discover unseen patterns and determine new insights.

Enrich Business Results By Focusing On Strategic Activities

Automate tedious tasks to enable employees and business leaders to spend extra time aiming on strategic task that add high value to the business, expedite approvals and enhance their accuracy.

Indicator Pulls Business To Select Sap Ariba


    Boost in order processing productivity through cXML


    Improvement in order accuracy through the Ariba Punchout solution


    Increase in customer retention


    Growth in new business


    Faster payment


    Quicker deal closure
  • “With SAP Ariba solutions and SAP S/4HANA, we have seamless, two - way integration between procurement, finance, and the plant. It makes buying faster and easier and ensures that maintenance get the parts they need right away.”

    By one of the leading Company

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