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Be the leaders in wholesale distribution business with ready to run SAVIC Solutions on SAP S/4HANA digital platform

SAVIC Wholesale distribution - Business Solution is a qualified partner solution on SAP S/4HANA latest edition for the respective industry. Streamline the implementation process; bring together software, global best practices, compliance of legal, statutory and management reporting with our Wholesale distribution - Business Solution. This solution can help you to keep up with the changing regulations and innovations by transforming processes and enable new sales models by continuous customer engagement, manage a profit-driven supply chain, and achieve excellence stores operations. SAVIC Wholesale distribution - Business Solution is an SAP-qualified & localized for India, Sri Lanka & MENA rapid deployment solution that gets you up and running quickly in weeks. Start with what you need now and expand your solution as your requirements change & business grows.

Opportunity to Cash

  • Marketing with Speed and Agility
  • Omnichannel Commerce
  • Mobile Sales Force Automation
  • Quote to Cash
  • Omnichannel Customer Service
  • Subscription Billing and Revenue Management

Procure to Pay

  • Sourcing and Contract Management
  • Operational Procurement
  • Supplier Management
  • External Workforce Management
  • Invoice and Payables Management
  • Services Procurement
  • Supplier Collaboration

Supply Chain Planning and Execution

  • Demand Management and Insights
  • Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Response and Supply Planning

Profitability Optimization

  • Real-Time Customer Insights
  • Procurement Analytics
  • Logistics Networks
  • Cost Recovery and Rebates


of wholesalers surveyed call e-commerce their top sales channel, an increase from 31% in the same survey a year earlier

Digital Commerce 360 report

White board approach to Wholesale distribution businesses into digitized markets, using SAVIC Wholesale distribution RDS on SAP S/4HANA digital platform

Using value-added services

to create new revenue sources –everything from light manufacturing and kitting, to ad-hoc virtual training, to automated tracking of sensors for maintenance, to predicting future demand patterns based on long-term weather forecasts

Becoming a real-time distributor

by using drones or Uber drivers to deliver within hours. Use predictive analytics to track demand patterns and recommend order items and quantities. Incorporate social media feeds into your customers’ apps for immediate feedback from their customers on processes and programs

Providing infinite inventory

by using 3D printing in-house or at a customer location. Master the art of spot buying to provide an infinite catalog of products. Make full usof the business network to become the master distributor for a group of products or geography

Wholesale distribution Industry – Digital Revolution

Helping you deliver digital transformation in the Wholesale distribution industry

SAVIC qualified solution for Wholesale distribution industry with inbuilt GST processes will help the businesses to quickly start running on SAP S/4HANA latest edition. The key advantage is in the speed at which the businesses are transformed onto digital platform. The ready to deploy solution covers all major processes like supply chain planning & execution, procurement, sales, projects into financials and controlling

GST + S/4HANA= Improved Profitability

Turning GST opportunities into sustainable business advantages is now the top agenda of most CFOs and CEOs. As we move away from tax arbitrage to an open economy across states, the effective use of right technology in managing business processes will soon become the key competitive differentiator. It is crucial to note that when efficiency takes the driver’s seat, technology becomes an imperative. If you’re wondering how, please read on.

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Brining next generation wholesale distribution experience to shoppers and achieving incredible transactional processing speeds through digital platform in Wholesale distribution industry – SAP for Wholesale distributors

 SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry


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SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry


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The perfect partner you can rely on

 SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

Low risk implementation in 16 weeks using SAP Activated Methodology specific to the Wholesale distribution industry.

SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

Training Workshops, Test Scripts and Business Process Procedures for your users to simplify and accelerate business processes.

SAVIC Technologies chemical industry solutions for all industry

SAVIC Help Desk provides 4 weeks of extensive Post Go-Live Support to help you get the most out of your project implementation.

Yuvraj Thombre at savic technologies vice president

Elangovan Velmail at SAVIC Technologies Chennai

SAVIC Wholesale distribution Business Solution tailored to your needs

With SAP, companies can optimize staff, production resources and inventory to achieve consistency with suppliers and customers’ business processes, and to enhance the efficiency of the sales forecast, procurement, transportation and inventory management. In addition, SAP can help companies’ track business performance; quickly adjust business processes according to business and market conditions.

  • Increase efficiency across geographically distributed Wholesale distribution centers & supply networks
  • Rise in productivity and reduce material transportation costs
  • Ability to identify the right suppliers and connect strategic sourcing and procurement
  • Improve financial and managerial reporting thereby boosting corporate performance
  • Real time Operation & Management Reports
  • Ensure on-time delivery by integrating and automating end-to-end business processes from vendors to end customers
  • Rise customer consummation with more accurate order tracking, status communication and proactive quality control
  • Reach real time data from anywhere, on any platform to make faster decisions
  • Forecast and plan complex configurable products
  • Automate operational processes to reduce human errors & eliminate manual tasks

Ariba Network Integration with Faster deployments for
SAP rapid-deployment solution

Lalit Patil - SAP Consultant at SAVIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Create an easy cloud-based, business-to-business (B2B) sourcing and procurement marketplace with a catalogue procurement process synchronized with SAP SRM and ECC. Read more

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Wholesale distribution Industry solutions to manage supply chain process, improve management ability in planning, deliveries, and financial accounting. Wholesale distribution companies can deploy the best solutions to improve the business process among suppliers and the adaptability in the changing market

At SAVIC we are working on incessantly improvising on solutions for Wholesale distribution industry on the latest digital platform SAP S/4HANA. We support the Wholesale distribution businesses with our domain industry experience and SAP expertise to quickly realize organizational

SAVIC RDS for Wholesale distribution Business – Key Highlights

Ready to roll out, Wholesale distribution industry specific business processes:

  • Financial Accounting – 18
  • Controlling – 06
  • Sales and Distribution – 25
  • Integration with PoS – 03
  • Materials Management – 18
  • Human Resources & Payroll - 08

Ready to use, Retail industry specific custom developments

  • Reports – 22
  • Forms/print outputs – 11
  • Conversion programs/Data Upload – 32
  • Workflow/Approvals - 6
  • Project Systems – 4
  • Human Resources & Payroll - 8

SAVIC SAP S/4HANA implementation methodology with
global best practices


SAVIC Data Migration Methodology


SAVIC Cutover Strategy


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Grow your Wholesale distribution business in the digital transformation era - Solution Map