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Intralinks VIA® Solutions

Intralinks VIA Overview

Intralinks is a Trusted global brand for nearly two decades, and it brings collaboration and document sharing that's safe, secure, compliant and fully auditable. Whether it's documents or files, you can get work done quickly regardless of what you're using at your desk or on the move — all you need is a browser and a web connection. Pls. find the detailed information brochure attached herewith.

Key Highlights of the Solutions:

  • Secured way of sharing the document within and outside of your corporate firewall
  • Digital Rights Management is built into the application
  • Collaboration within and outside of your organization
  • Regulatory and Compliance requirements
  • No IT administration
  • Access of Application across different devices in a secured manner
  • Defining of user permission at click of a button
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook

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