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Machine Learning

Discover and Realize full potential with SAVIC the power of machine learning and Artifical Intelliengence into Your Business

Create, run and maintain intelligent applications in a common infrastructure ,ML finds patterns, learns and understands by recognizing voice, text, images, and videos fueling business growth in ways you never imagined possible. Add intelligence to your enterprise applications recognize patterns and correlations in data.Learn from data and extract knowledge .

Manufacturing Innovation Accelerator

Key Objectives & Business Value

An initiative aimed at building an ‘Information Culture’ in the Organization and transform to IoT enabled Organization. Business integration and linkage of contents and information to provide 360 degree view. Better integration of information over end‐to‐end processes leading to single point of truth, which would give deep insights into our business operations & performance; Provide a platform for performance comparison with external world; Empowering the business with Information.

Production Performance through machine learning based data integration and advanced analytics.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Management allows to measure and analyze plant performance

SAVIC first wave of machine learning enabled enterprise applications, tools, and services developed in collaboration with co-innovation customers

Plant Monitoring System

Improving the Overall efficiency

  • Monitoring of critical productivity parameters (e.g. cycle time, downtime etc)
  • Real time overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) calculations for machines
  • Recording of machine performance such as run-time, up-time
  • Efficiency calculations of utility equipment with instantaneous, average and totalized values
  • Utilities, gases and energy metering
  • System alarms/ alerts
  • Data exchange with SAP
SAVIClytics AI Assembler

Offer the right combination of power, flexibility, and reliability to support complex product line.

  • 80 percent of company data is unstructured, including free-form documents, images, and voice recordings. Traditionally, it hasn’t been possible for computers to understand this data. AI systems can transcribe conversations, interpret the content of images, and divine information from massive text files.
  • One of the key problems for businesses trying to make the most of their data is that the overwhelming majority of such data isn’t set up for machine processing.
  • That’s where SAVIClytics AI Assembler can help
SAVIC Smart billing

Building an Cashier-free Auto Checkout Store

  • Great user experience checkout time is reduced considerably
  • Auto billing Process
  • Optimun Realtime Inventory management
  • Stores can offer newer services like order from home
  • offers much faster product movement

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machine learning

Connect to machine learning services

Discover how SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation helps you detect patterns from structured and unstructured data and use APIs to connect to machine learning services.

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machine learning

SAP Cash Application

Automate labor-intensive invoice matching processes and free finance professionals to focus on strategy and service quality with SAP Cash Application. Use machine learning to match criteria from your history and automatically clear payments with our next-generation intelligent software.

SAP Service Ticket Intelligence

Accelerate customer service in your omnichannel front office with SAP Service Ticket Intelligence. The application efficiently processes inbound social media posts, e-mails, and other channel interactions by automatically determining classifications, routing, and responses

SAP Brand Impact

Measure and understand the value of your advertising and sponsorship campaigns with SAP Brand Impact. Advanced computer-vision techniques automatically recognise logos in images and videos – giving you accurate, timely insights into marketing ROI.

Becoming the intelligent enterprise with

Quickly access machine learning that is fully embedded in SAP applications and platforms

SAP S/4HANA Simplifications, Massively Increased
Efficiency and Compelling Features

Written natively for the SAP HANA platform, SAP S/4HANA is an entirely new generation of SAP Business Suite that is characterized by simplifications, massively increased efficiency, and compelling features such as planning and simulation options in many conventional transactions.. Read more