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Re-Invent Netsuite With SAVIC Technologies

SAVIC Optimizes The Vital Business Process With NetSuite

Netsuite enables companies to streamline all vital business processes in a single system. Business opt Netsuite to manage stocks, monitor their financials and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems, it creates network and automates vital operational areas like Financial management, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Order Management, Customer Relationship Management & Warehouse and Order Fulfilment.

Mastering Challenges Facing By SMEs

Inadequate Access To New Technology

SMEs have been subjected to weak marketing linkages due to excessive high cost and many ERP have only access to limited locations.

Lack Of Integration

Business processes like service delivery, accounting, and billing are not integrated together, isolated systems with lack of an integrated process flow.

Lacks Automation

Business processes are not fully automated with a lot of activities being done through manual interventions increases the chances of errors and forces the valuable man-power to get trapped in doing low-value tasks.

Poor Invoice Management

Process of Invoice Management and capturing Planned invoice ispxpx maintained through excels, leading to limited visibility, poor control and inaccuracy results in limited insight into financials.

Absence Of Real-time Goods Tracking

Not having end-to-end Procurement Management processes tracking of inventory across different cities are difficult which creates unnecessary production and procuring delays.

Handling Data and creating a Back-Up Plan

SMEs find it difficult to store, handle, analyse, and transform data into insights for comprehensive decision making. Handling information, systems, cloud and training the resources needed to manage these make SMEs worried during the time of adopting digital technologies.

Why Netsuite?

Refine Financial Management of Your Business with Netsuite

Financial Management module offers users real-time access financial data and maintain integration between accounting & compliance management, which help in quicker closings, correct reporting.

Unlock the Potential of Order Management with NetSuite

Order Management solutions enhances cash flow, boost timely delivery, minimise shipping costs, it can manage multiple price levels, customer and currency specific pricing, dollar and percentage discounts.

Explore Production Management in NetSuite

With Production Management module users can handle manufacturing activities, enhance timely delivery along with automatic batch creation, end-to-end real-time visibility, manufacturing control allows users to plan material purchases, position inventory.

Streamline Your Supply Chain Management with NetSuite

Supply Chain Management solution offers real-time visibility, enhances service experience and minimising costs, it offers advanced inventory management and “demand planning” strategies work to progress timely delivery records.

Uncover the Warehouse and Order Fulfilment Module in NetSuite

Warehouse and Order Fulfilment module provides localized solution choices with real-time updates and support. Its accessible dashboards can handle automated Input/Output processes, including container management, scheduling specific receipt dates, supervising material flows, performing quality checks.

Come across end-to-end Human Capital Management in Netsuite

SuitePeople is the Human Capital Management platform streamlines employee information, new hires, employee on-boarding, payroll and more, it can be integrated with accounting, this module handles multi-territory taxes and benefit & deductions, accessible dashboard displays usage and status of employee benefits.

Values associated with adoption of Netsuite with SAVIC

Minimization of Cost urges the business to opt Netsuite with SAVIC

Netsuite’s suite offers a low total cost of ownership with its advance real-time data availability which enable business to make productive decision in time.

Customizable Solution is eradicating the business hurdles

Netsuite’s solution offers customization through various features and offer native solution especially made to cater local needs, it also adapts to avail local tax benefit through its integration channels and follow local compliances in effective manner by its regular updates feature.

Enjoy the convenience with NetSuite

Netsuite OneWorld assists global enterprises to enhance functional efficiency by providing real-time visibility and consolidation and giving the elasticity to customize the solution for specific corporate and subsidiary needs.

NetSuite Global Reach helps to expand scale of Business Operation

Netsuite OneWorld assists global enterprises to enhance functional efficiency by providing real-time visibility and consolidation and giving the elasticity to customize the solution for specific corporate and subsidiary needs.

Factors Stimulate to go for NetSuite


    Countries & Dependent Territories Deployed


    Countries & Dependent Territories Deployed


    Bank Payment Formats


    Countries & Dependent Territories Transacted


    Countries Tax calculation & Reporting


    Currencies Updated Daily
  • “Netsuite is a world-class, reliable platform that enables complete organization-wide automation seamlessly in the cloud through the power of integration.”

    By Leading Professional Services Company in India

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