Phases of SAP CX Implementation

Next Generation Phase-Wise SAP Implementation Methodology


        Describe your cloud migration plan drivers and The Prepare phase offers the preliminary planning and preparation for the project. The project is started, plans are decided, a project team is aligned, and work to initiate the project optimally is underway throughout this stage.

        Prepare Activities

      • Express project goals, high-level scope, and a project plan.
      • Recognize and set measure of business value goals.
      • Secure executive sponsorship.
      • Create project standards, organization, and governance.
      • Express and secure approval for the implementation/upgrade strategy.
      • Express roles and responsibilities for the project team.
      • Validate the project goals.
      • Built a project team training strategy and start project team training.
      • Create project management, tracking, and reporting methods for value delivery.
      • Document all startingtasks in the project charter.
      • Pre-assemble (or establish) the project landscape, architecture, and IT systems.

        Minimize risks and make sure a streamlined Inthis phase is where you execute a fit/gap evaluation to validate the solution functionality, included in the project scope, and check whether the business requirements can be fulfilled andalsorecognize gaps and configure values, which will be added to the backlog and used in the subsequentstep.

        Explore Activities

      • Refine& Recognizebusiness needs.
      • Built, setup, and conduct solution validation workshops.
      • Confirm potential business processes.
      • Describe functional solution framework (including a gap analysis in solution framework workshops).
      • Discovertailored development scenarios.
      • Connect business needs to the process hierarchy and the solution components.
      • Recognize integration scenarios and define conceptual walkthrough of integration.
      • Get business sign-off on delta needs and style documents.
      • Maintain end user data, evaluate learning requirements, and grow a learning deployment plan.
      • Prepare project management, tracking, and reporting for value delivery.

        The Realize phase is to create and test the integrated business and the system landscape, using the business scenarios and process needsrecognized in the earlier phase. Data is loaded, operations are planned, and adoption tasks begin throughout Realize Phase.

        Realize Activities

      • Built the solution landscape.
      • Set up a QA, production landscape.
      • Test the solution throughout QA landscape.
      • Uphold Business roles and finalize screen layouts.
      • Set up user access privileges and limits.
      • Set up interactive dashboards and tailored reports.
      • Initiate for data migration and data archiving.
      • Organize performance testing.
      • Organizeproject team and key user training.
      • Finalize end user training materials and documentation.
      • Track and report on value delivery.
    • DEPLOY

        The Deploy phase sets the production system, confirms customer organization readiness, and movesorganizationprocesses to the new system.

        Deploy Activities

      • Perform transition and cutover plans such as organizational change management (OCM) plans.
      • Finish all scheduled end user training.
      • Recognize and document all issues encountered while transitioning to the new solution.
      • View business process outcomes and the production landscape.
      • Track and report on value delivery.
    • RUN

        The Run phase optimizes and automates the operability of the solution. Operability is the ability to maintain IT systems in a functioning and operating condition. Operability guarantees systems availability and necessary performance levels to back the execution of the enterprise’s business operations.

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