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Innovation for the Core Business of Our Customers

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“Industry” Means Core Business

Executives lose sleep over customers and markets, products and production, competition and partners, capital and stock price –but hardly over facility management or payroll processing. SAP wants to be relevant to the core business of our customers and deliver innovations that move the business needle, drive outcomes, and help executives relax.
Our intelligent suite and business networks are a great foundation. They support integrated end-to-end processes for all industries and offer an unparalleled scope of functionality. The concept of an integrated suite always wins –as long as the speed of innovation is compatible with the need for innovation.

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SAP’s Industry Cloud: Driving Business Value

SAP’s industry cloud is an open business process and technology platform to foster innovation and collaboration between our customers, partners, and SAP. We are jointly creating “next business practices” for enterprises and business networks that will enable our customers to thrive in a transforming world.

Business leaders can find a compelling selection of industry cloud solutions to extend support for end-to-end processes with the intelligent suite and business networks. These innovative solutions give leaders the ability to:

  • Rapidly respond to new business requirements
  • Optimize and transform their business
  • Extend end-to-end best-practice processes
  • Adopt best practices from adjacent industries
From Linear Value Chains to Dynamic Value Networks

Textbooks show supply chains as neat, linear sequences of companies in various industries that provide raw materials, substances, components, make products that end up on retail shelves and in the consumer’s shopping basket–materials flowing in one direction, money in the other.

The reality is much messier. Every day, a consumer products company tries to bypass a retailer to get closer to the consumer. Retailers develop their own brands to create added value for customers.

API Framework

Innovative industry cloud solutions need simple access to business domains and processes of the intelligent suite and to business networks that connect customers and suppliers.

The API framework of the industry cloud provides this transparent access to the key entities of the intelligent suite, simplifying the development of innovative industry cloud solutions.

Business Process Model

The data model, domain model, and APIs are important to give industry cloud solutions access to the end-to-end process support in the intelligent suite. Understanding the effects of invoking an API that creates, deletes, or changes an object in the intelligent suite requires a business process model that describes the side effects of those operations.

SAP provides the business architecture framework serving as the foundation that helps developers design, build, test, and validate industry cloud solutions.

SAP Model Company and Configuration Content

Each industry cloud solution comes with information about the intelligent suite and business network environment it requires to run. This includes the set of individual SAP and partner products and solutions –for example, SAP S/4HANA® or Ariba® Network.

From Enterprise Resource Management to the Vertical Edge

The intelligent suite offers best practices and support for end-to-end processes for all industries as the foundation for efficient operations of finance, material management, supply chains, or asset management.

With customers and partners, we develop the vertical next practices that move the needle for the core business of our customers. We embed these practices as industry cloud solutions that extend the end-to-end processes and can be adopted by our customers at their own pace and in the areas where innovation for efficiency and growth matters most.

Vertical Innovation Spaces

Business innovation starts with ideas: how to fix a problem or how to discover and unlock new value. Translating an idea into a business process, and then into a solution to support this process, requires an innovation space that comes with all the tools and content necessary to build and deliver fast and predictably –SAP’s industry cloud.

This allows developers and business users to focus on what they need to do to push new solutions out the door.

Business Domain Model

Building industry cloud solutions requires a clear understanding of the business domain and data model. The business domain model in Figure 4 shows the business entities and their relationships that are managed in the intelligent suite, business networks, and in other industry cloud solutions.

On APIs and Business DomainsWhen you try SAP Graph, you will see that the APIs reveal the business domains they make accessible for industry cloud solutions. Start in a familiar corner and explore the APIs and business domains.

Business and Technology Services

Industry cloud solutions have ready access to a broad range of business and technology services that make life easy for developers. These range from simple business services such as currency or unit conversion to leading-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning libraries.

With user experience libraries, solution designers can give users a seamless experience as they run end-to-end processes that span multiple industry cloud solutions, the intelligent suite, and business networks.

Ease of Adoption

Industry Cloud Adoption

The intelligent suite and business networks offer a wide range of end-to-end processes and business capabilities that are used and adapted by our customers to match their requirements and strategic priorities.Industry cloud solutions need to fit into the environment found in a customer solution and process landscape.

This is not a trial-and-error adventure but a straightforward, tool-supported “ready-to-go” check to help ensure easy adoption.

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