SAVIC Grahak Anubhavati

SAP Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution

Grahak Anubhavati Package

In today's dynamic and competitive environment, we are all required to provide innovative tools to enable the sales and service team to manage, receive, and analyze up-to-date information in real-me and everywhere.

The SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud package is a unique offer from Grahak Anubhavati for the rapid realizaon of the solutionin the cloud.

The package provides an innovative digital solution for managing, controlling, and operating the sales and service organizaon to increase the producvity and effectiveness with our solutions to keep the customers future-ready. The solution is based on SAP Best Practices with business insights from SAVIC experts and helps to address changing business challenges and available with three deployable solutions options are Basic - 8 weeks, Standard -12 weeks, Premium - 16 weeks.


    Increased Deal by Size .

    SAP Performance Benchmarking


    Reduced time to generate fore cast and report

    SAP Performance Benchmarking


    Increased UpSell Success By use intelligence services such as RPA.

    SAP Performance Benchmarking


    Increased Service And Field Representative

    SAP Performance Benchmarking

SAVIC Grahak Anubhavati Offerings
Features of Grahak Anubhavati
  • Discount & Markup Pricing
  • Variant Configuraon & Variant Pricing
  • Controlled Flexibility to Quote
  • 100% GST Compliant
  • Quotaons Come with Product Specificaons
  • Payment Breakup Within The Order Acceptance
  • Product Availabity Control From Background ERP System
  • Ground Level Visibility
  • Central Reporng

  • Basic

  • Duration : 8 Weeks
  • Implementaon Cost: 7,00,000 INR
  • SAP Sales Cloud Subscripon: 2689 Per User Per Month*
  • SAP Service Cloud Subscripon: 2531 INR Per User Per Month*
  • Standard
    Duration : 12 Weeks
    Implementaon Cost: 18,00,000 INR
    SAP Sales Cloud Subscripon: 2689 Per User Per Month*
    SAP Service Cloud Subscripon: 2531INR Per User Per Month*

    Duration : 16 Weeks
    Implementaon Cost: 35,00,000 INR
    SAP Sales Cloud Subscripon: 2689 INR Per User Per Month*
    SAP Service Cloud Subscripon: 2531 Per User Per Month*

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